Feeling Faith

800px-Weequay_mothershipFAITH is a feeling that charges up each vibrating molecule in your body, inviting the mind of outstretched vastness to lead the way among the path of infinite rays. FAITH is a knowing that lives in the center of your deepest depth, as the Cosmic angels relay messages while you are entranced by the multidimensional transparency of the elevated breath. Praying for our interlacing spirit to dance in a way that encompasses the gratitude of life and the freedom of death. FAITH Is love undisturbed in its focus and concentration, connecting the Web of all our relations, silent in its wisdom and still in its embrace. Looking within the portal of our ever changing faces, eternity smiles back at our reflection as if to say FAITH is touching the untouchable and reaching the unreachable, for our hearts have always existed and shall always be, it is recognizing this force in all moments that allows us to realize that our eyes were meant to see all the present possibilities transcend the pasts impossiblities, the future is humble for FAITH is an intelligence beyond the body and mind, the spirit of your highest knowing is FAITH is a feeling.


Love Is the name I am.

Rid us of all worries,
allow us to see the merging of worlds that liberate us from our cosmic segregations.
We are united in the sea of the ethers fabrication,
praying to let go of all the starving doubts that consume our Wealthy Knowingness.
“if” is a possibility and “now” is the moment, so the moment of now has brought us to all these possibilities and if we decide to raise our intentions then we will arrive at a Luminous world,
a place where community shares the awareness of the sources abundance. Residing within the truth that resonates from each core, support each other, for we are all one, sisters and brothers.
Cosmic dance it is,
listen to the sound of silence echo the call of the angels,
the heart has spoken.


Imaginations potential.

Look around

Were all twins duplicating from the strands of our eternal roots.

This vibration of meditation clarifies the emanation of sacred realizations!

 yes we have projected our consciousness upon this dimension rather than landed.

Celestial child longing for the taste of serenity

guided by the transparent hints of orb filled visions,

     look how we decipher our truths from the facade of illusion

look how we shall be the honor that bestows the universal will of a Golden Earth !

 sleep now worrisome body and allow the souls awareness to guide you to the freeing light within your infinite portal of foreverness.

The sky tells the sacred story of how freedom is our truest name

as the fertile earth responds to say one day we will all feel the lightness

that calls our hearts desires ,

springing seed by seed

traveling thought by thought

flying intention by intention

look how the willful imagination colors our godly potential

like this.